Human Settlement Department


Custodian of sustainable service delivery, economic development and good governance


Improving socioeconomic conditions by improving service delivery and growing the economy through sound governance

The function of the Human Settlements Department comes from the Housing Act that provides that every municipality must take all reasonable and necessary steps within the framework of national and provincial housing legislation and policy to ensure that:

  • The inhabitants have access to adequate housing on a progressive basis;
  • Set housing delivery goals in respect of its area of jurisdiction;
  • Identify and designate land for housing development;
  • Create and maintain a public environment conducive to housing development;
  • Promote the resolution of conflicts arising in the housing development process; and
  • Promote and enable appropriate housing development in its area of jurisdiction.


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Office of the HoD

_________ is at the helm of this department that manages and sustains the environment within Thaba Chweu as well as waste services.
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DH ______ heads the Implementation division within the Human Settlements Department. His role is to drive, implement and manage the house construction and service
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Special Projects

While the position of HH Special projects is vacant, _________ is acting in the position. This division is responsible to drive, implement and manage Town renewal
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Strategy and Planning

_______is the divisional head for Strategy and Planning – a division that provides strategic and macro planning for department is responsible for project specific settlement planning
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Support Services

The role of Support Services is to ensure end-to-end service provision and provide administration support within the department.
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Community Services and Relationship Management

DH ________ is responsible for driving and managing rental stock of the Municpal, co-ordination in relation to the prevention of land invasion,
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Finance and Grants

________ is responsible for the division that provides administrative and management support to the Human Settlements Department in terms of financial management and budgeting.
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Department Contacts Details

Office of the HoD:

013 235 7300


Thaba Chweu Local Municipality, is a municipality of South Africa, located in the Ehlanzeni District Municipality, Mpumalanga.
Thaba Chweu Local Municipality


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013 235 7300

013 235 1108

3 Sentraal Street, Lydenburg, 1120