Water and Sanitation Department


About Water and Sanitation

The purpose of the Water and Sanitation Department is to plan and implement operations and revenue management of water and sanitation services.

Its core function is to:

  • provide quality safe potable water,
  • provide sanitation services, and
  • address challenges and root causes of water losses and non-revenue water and metering issues.


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Office of the HoD

_________ is at the helm of this department that manages and sustains the environment within Thaba Chweu as well as waste services.
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Strategic and Functional Planning

Headed by Divisional Head ________, this division is responsible for project planning, developing and renewing the water services development plan (WSDP); feasibility studies,
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Water Operations

Divisional Head ________ is hands on in the Water Operations division which is responsible for repairs to water pipe bursts, leaks, valves, and hydrants; repairs to the sewer network - excluding pump-stations,
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Projects and Design

________, divisional head, is responsible for design and implementation of projects; contracts management; providing water connections to low income houses;
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Water Quality and Revenue Management

The running of this division is the responsible of Acting Divisional Head ________, which looks into installing new meters;
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Support Services

________ runs this division that is responsible for customer care and services, education and awareness, administrative duties, financial management,
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Department Contacts Details

Office of the HoD:

013 235 7300