Have Your Say on Council Owned Rental Housing Stock Tariffs


The Municipal Human Settlements Department is running a 30-day public consultation on council owned rental housing stock tariffs.

Interested parties can check the latest tariffs and then send through their comments to . Closing date for comments is 22 September.

Member of the Mayoral Committee Cllr ______ will also participate in a syndicate broadcast on 2 September to discuss the municipal rental housing stock and the latest tariffs. Residents are encouraged to tune in from 18h00, and it will be broadcast live and streamed on  radio – Mashi fm and the Municipal social media platforms.


Help the City to understand our stakeholders by completing the quick questionnaire and sending it to us on info@tclm.gov.za
  • Male ____   Female _____  Other ____
  • Do you live in Thaba Chweu?   Yes ____  No _____
  • Do you live in a municipal-owned rental complex?  Yes ____  No ____
  • Have you seen the new proposed rental tariff?  Yes ____  No  _____
  • What do you think of the new rental tariffs?  High ____ Low ____  Fair ____
  • Would you recommend municipal-owned rental complexes to anyone?  Yes ___  No ____